The crack - in search of the crack

Under my point of view, probably one of the best oi! bands ever. But probably less know as should be. They started to play in the 90s (still in active), althoug they have a sound that brings you to the 80s. This LP "in search of crack" is from 1993, enjoy it!


1) my world
2) take me away
3) you keep running
4) hard road
5) don't just sit there
6) don't you ever let me down
7) the glory boys
8) everybody's dreaming
9) i'll be there
10) the giddy house
11) nag nag nag(bonus track)
12) you kept me waiting(bonus track)
13) going out(bonus track)
14) cum on feel the noize(bonus track)
15) don't stop me(bonus track)
16) where are they now(bonus track)

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Abstürzende brieftauben - im zeichen des blöden

Today I bring Abstürzende brieftauben, a band from Hannover, active from 1983 till 1994. They played a kind of happy punk, similar under my point of view to Toy dolls, but more dirty. This LP is their fourth one, "Im zeichen des blöden".


1) Das Grauen Kehrt Zurück
2) Lass Mich
3) Was Ich Nicht Mag
4) Weck Mich Nicht Auf
5) Föllig Planlos
6) Betzy Fraitag
7) Nicht Mit Mir!
8) Du Brauchst Es
9) Richard’s Ende
10) Beim Ersten Mal
11) Lonely Boy
12) Der Kobold
13) Im Strandbad
14) Highlander’s Calling

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Essenzia De Lapo - Facil, rastrero y humillante

Punk band from Vigo formed in 2003 with a song quite infuenced by 80s punk music, with a female singer. This is their first LP "Facil,rastrero y humillante" after a couple of splits.


1) La Ley de la Calle
2) Cuántas Veces
3) Su Puta Moral
4) Martín el Dragg Queen
5) Bastardos
6) Politicos
7) Rádio Piratona
8) Pureta
9) Isla de Toraya
10) Serpiente
11) En Villacelama
12) Un Mundo Feliz

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Disturbio 77- Vuelven otra vez

This is a band from Vigo that played in the 90s although they made a couple of concerts in the last years.
They play street punk, and this their LP " Vuelven otra vez". Enjoy it!!


1) Vuelven otra vez
2) No se comen nada
3) Carta al juez
4) Explotadores
5) Nada cambio
6) Bankaboba
7) Jauria humana
8) Disturbio
9) Non queremos policia
10) Psicomadero
11) Preso dentro y fuera
12) A casa do medo
13) Guerra obrera

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Bombardiers - souviens-toi

This french skinhead band plays fresh punk, they were formed in Bordeaux in 2004. Today I bring you one of their LPs, from year 2006 " souviens-toi".


1) A 20 Ans
2) Derrière Les Murs
3) Petite Punk
4) Camarades
5) Fin De Semaine
6) Poupée Russe
7) Souviens-toi
8) Sur Les Rails
9) Pour Une Vie
10) Tu Sais
11) France-Allemagne 82

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Camera silens - realite

Classic french punk band formed in 1981 in Bordeaux that played till 1988. With an unique sound, they mixed punk with oi! music using some wind instruments. This LP "Realite", is the only one they published, and it is from 1985.


1) Réalité
2) C'est comme ça
3) Caméra silens
4) Squatt
5) Class criminelle 1 et 2
6) Sans sursis
7) Est ouest
8) Suicide
9) Le bal des vauriens
10) Pour la gloire
11) Caméra silens
12) Semaine rouge
13) Réalité
14) Suicide
15) Pour la gloire

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Concert- "Hard skin"+ "Antidote"+ ...

Samurai attack - samurai attack

This Japanese punk band has a long career back them. Formed in 1984, they are still in active. I decided to bring this compilation from 2004 that have most of my favorite songs from them. I hope you will enjoy it!


1) Nothingness
2) New Brigade
3) Get Up! Warriors
4) Boots on the Ground
5) A.P.D. / Absolute Positive Declaration
6) Saints & Sinners
7) Revenge of Gutterboy
8) Climber's Song
9) Naughty Boys - Meet us There
10) No Man's Nation
11) Stay Strong
12) Summer Holiday's Sky
13) Don't Deny, Give it a Try!!
14) Death or Submission
15) Die With Honor
16) Drawing Your Flag
17) Know Right From Wrong
18) Chain
19) For Who, for What
20) Look up to the Sky

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The Villains - Life of Crime

I bring today this EP that is a little jewel of Ska music. What you will find in "life of crime" is pure ska skinhead, highly recommended. The band, called "The villians" was formed in England in 1980, but they made their short career in Canada, dissapearing in 1986.


1) Life Of Crime 
2) Urban Skins
3) Ska Music
4) Wooly Bully

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I bring today this EP from a HXC Punk band resident in Tel Aviv (Israel). With five songs, this EP "gosldstar bois" is full of strengh and wrath.


1) Cage
2) Flame Of Rebellion
3) Never Change
4) Goldstar Boys
5) Rats

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Baldin Bada-lur azpian bukatuko duzue

This band from the Basque Country born in the early 80's, with a hard rock sound that evolved to punk music. Published in 1986, this LP is their first one,  pure punk tunes with politics lyrics in Euskera.


1) Tatxer
2) Sinonimoak
3) Julai
4) No future
5) La mili
6) Ibilaldia
7) Diputazioa
8) Jotake
9) Lur azpian
10) Haurrak
11) Neurosis
12) Buitraker
13) Loro
14) Madero
15) Baldin bada
16) Gernika


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Omixlh-friends forever

Greek punk band formed in last years of 90`s. They have three LP and one EP, this is their second LP "Friends forever" published in 2007, maybe they don´t like this comparation, but if you like The Casualties, probably you will enjoy this CD.


1) Fucking liars
2) Anti-nazi army
3) Chaotic drunnk punk
4) Pirates of dream
5) Europe Tour
6) Up the punx
7) Mad rot boys
8) For those
10) Amigos para siempre

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komintern sect - Dernier combat

Punk band from France, classic punk mixed with some oi! influences. they were played from 1980 till 1986 and this is their second LP "Dernier combat", my favorite one.


1) Sarabande (De Haendel)
2) Les années d' acier
3) Dans les tribunes
4) Interlude
5) Quand meurent les légendes
6) Nation païenne (v.l.)
7) Tous ensemble (v.l.)
8) Amsterdam (De J Brel)
9) Dernier combat
10) La crampe
11) Sonia
12) Rêves de libertè
13) Ce n'est qu' un au revoir

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Antidote - Back in year zero