Samurai attack - samurai attack

This Japanese punk band has a long career back them. Formed in 1984, they are still in active. I decided to bring this compilation from 2004 that have most of my favorite songs from them. I hope you will enjoy it!


1) Nothingness
2) New Brigade
3) Get Up! Warriors
4) Boots on the Ground
5) A.P.D. / Absolute Positive Declaration
6) Saints & Sinners
7) Revenge of Gutterboy
8) Climber's Song
9) Naughty Boys - Meet us There
10) No Man's Nation
11) Stay Strong
12) Summer Holiday's Sky
13) Don't Deny, Give it a Try!!
14) Death or Submission
15) Die With Honor
16) Drawing Your Flag
17) Know Right From Wrong
18) Chain
19) For Who, for What
20) Look up to the Sky

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