The crack - in search of the crack

Under my point of view, probably one of the best oi! bands ever. But probably less know as should be. They started to play in the 90s (still in active), althoug they have a sound that brings you to the 80s. This LP "in search of crack" is from 1993, enjoy it!


1) my world
2) take me away
3) you keep running
4) hard road
5) don't just sit there
6) don't you ever let me down
7) the glory boys
8) everybody's dreaming
9) i'll be there
10) the giddy house
11) nag nag nag(bonus track)
12) you kept me waiting(bonus track)
13) going out(bonus track)
14) cum on feel the noize(bonus track)
15) don't stop me(bonus track)
16) where are they now(bonus track)

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  1. this band has been around since the early 80s .their first ep is from 1982.
    this record is from 1989.