A.B.H & Subculture - The oi¡! collection

Two great oi! bands of 80's from UK. A.B.H was formed in 1982 with a short life, Subculture was formed in 1983 and they also played for a short time. This Split  is indispensable if you classic oi! music. I hope that enjoy it.


1) Country Boy Rocker
2) Wanna Riot
3) Don't Mess With The S.A.S.
4) 999
5) Teenage Aggression
6) Concrete Jungle
7) Kids Of The Nation
8) Pissed On Arrival

9) Stick Together
10) Loud & Clear
11) Rogue Trooper
12) University City
13) In My Time
14) Saga Of Working Life
15) University City (Demo)
16) Voice Of The Young
17) Better Than You
18) Harmonics (instrumental)

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