Last Rites-discography

Last Rites is a scotish punk band from the eighties, I know this band  through "Piperrak", a punk band from Euskadi. This is everything I could find from them.


1) Aint Life Crazy
2) All Walls Have Ears
3) Convicted Without Trial
4) Give Us A Future
5) I Aint No Fucking Dog
6) I Wanna Be An Anarchist
7) Kill The Police
8) Message From The Dead
9) No Right To Take
10) Police (Fascist Militia)
11) Protest And Survive
12) Scarred For Life
13) The City Is Boredom
14) The Downfall Of Dictators
15) The Dreams Of Many
16) The Living Dead + Plastic Punks
17) This Is The Reaction
18) Y T S
19) Addict
20) Oi! Oi! Oi!
21) We Don't Care
22) Stand Down

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